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Written by Eric   
Monday, 20 October 2008 13:53

A Babies 'R' Us bomb just exploded in our house and now we have baby shrapnel everywhere! Surprised





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Waiting... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Eric   
Tuesday, 07 October 2008 19:19

The calm before the storm.

 That over-used cliche is probably the best description of life right now. We are pretty much fully prepared for the babies. Now we are just waiting for them to arrive. Obviously we don't want them to get here too early. Shannah is only at 29 weeks. Still though, we are both getting tired of waiting. We've heard all of the stories about how tired we'll be, of how it's the hardest thing we'll ever have to do, how we won't remember the first six months. I know it will hurt, but I'm psyched up for it now. Bring it on.

 Okay, so I'm not totally ready for it, but the waiting is starting to get to me. I guess that's all I've got to say. This is why I haven't written in a while: I'm not doing anything but waiting. Most boring blog ever.

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Seeing Double PDF Print E-mail
Written by Eric   
Saturday, 16 August 2008 11:23

I suppose I should get used to this, but it's still new and strange and a little bit frightening. I'm starting to see double. I look in one direction and I see two car seats. I look the other way and I see two cribs. I look in the mirror and I see two chins. Okay, maybe not... yet. (But I am thirty now and everyone tells me that my metabolism is going to slow down. Personally, I don't think the metabolism is as much of an issue as my competitive streak. If I keep trying to keep up with Shannah's eating habits I'll gain more than she has! But I digress...)


Obviously we have started buying baby stuff. Now that we are seeing two car seats and two cribs, the magnitude of the impending additions is starting to manifest itself. If I let myself, I can really get wigged out about the whole thing. That's when I have to take a step back an think about all the other things that I have two (or more) of in my life. I have two digital cameras. They aren't exactly the same, and I obviously like one more than the other, but will the babies be any different? (Disclaimer in case I ever decide to run for president: The previous statement was intended to be humorous. In reality I will carefully dole out equal amounts of love and affection to both babies. I will keep a log of all emotional transactions and have my records audited annually by and unbiased third party. ) I have two weed wackers, both electric. Of course one is battery powered and I like it better and only use it. (Hmm... there I go with the inequality references again.) I have two computers at my command center, a.k.a. computer desk, but I use one way more than the other and view the Windows computer as a necessary evil in order that I maintain some semblance of compatibility with the world. I have two televisions. Yes, one is high definition and the other is in our spare bedroom covered in dust. I have two pillows on my side of the bed. One that I sleep on and the other that I throw on the floor each night because I don't like it. Maybe this isn't helping...

How about this: I have a couch and a recliner. They are two individual pieces of furniture that serve unique, yet similar purposes and I would not want to be without either one of them. I cherish them both for their individuality and appreciate their differences recognizing that they are exactly how La-Z-boy intended them to be. 

I think I'll stop writing now, this hasn't been as cathartic as I had hoped... Undecided

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Yes, Babies. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Eric   
Saturday, 21 June 2008 10:49

For those of you who frequently visit, (Ha!) you may notice the new menu item entitles "Babies." Yes, that is a literal topic, it does not refer to one of my many computers or some other gadget upon which I lavish my attention. Shannah and I are expecting twins. They are due to arrive sometime in early December if all goes well. We are still getting used to the idea of having two. Actually I was barely getting my head around having one when we found out that there were twins. I think that it is going to take me a little longer to fully appreciate the magnitude of the situation than Shannah because I still go to work everyday and do the same thing I've always dones, and if my belly starts growing it is much more due to a lack of exercise and portion control than due to anything baby related (except maybe stress.)

We drove up to Babies R Us a couple nights ago. That's quite an experience. There are gadgets and gizmos that I've never heard of there, and many of them are so foreign to me that I can't determine their purpose without some explanation from Shannah. We looked at Cribs and car seats and strollers and swings and higher chairs and toys... don't get me started on the toys! Why does everything needs batteries? My goal is to have mostly toys that are powered by imagination, or nuclear fission. (Fusion would be better, but I'm being realistic here, this isn't science fiction.)

 The store also has a photography studio, which got me thinking about what types of photography equipment I need. (This is much more in my comfort zone.) I think that I will work on building my own home photo studio of sorts with back drops and props so that I can take studio quality pictures without having to drive someplace and pay someone to take pictures that aren't as good as what I can take. I would also like to get a 50mm prime lens for portrait photography. The benefit of this lens if that it can be very fast and product very soft pictures with a shallow depth of focus. A side benefit of having babies will be that I can take pictures of them in addition to Shannah, which should make her happy. 

Of course I will also be adding a "Babies" section to my photography site as well. In fact I already have some pictures from Shannah's doctor's appointment. It's still a little hard to tell who they look like, but I think it's needless to say that they'll be quite good looking! :-) 

Its a Two-fer! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Eric   
Monday, 26 May 2008 10:26

If you are reading this, then you are either one of the few people who have created a log-in for my website or it is old enough news that I have removed the password restriction. So here's what's going on. We are having a baby... twice! We found out in early April that Shannah was pregnant. This in itself was a great thing. It was not entirely unexpected considering that we had been trying for a while. We kept this news to ourselves until Mother's Day at which point we told our immediate families. Everyone was quite happy and excited for us. A baby is a big deal after all. We gave our families instructions not to tell others yet because we wanted to wait until after Shannah's doctor's appointment before we told the whole world. On Friday Shannah had her appointment. The doctor did an ultrasound and said that everything, and everyone looked good. The interesting thing that we learned from this appointment is that there are two! It is still much too early to tell what gender they are, but we know that there are two of them. Obviously this makes it an even bigger deal, and an even bigger fact to get my head around.

After the appointment we told Shannah's parents and sister and brother. They were all quite surprised and excited. The next day we drove out to the farm to tell the extended family. My parents had been expecting to know all of the news already, but they got an extra surprise when we told them about the twins. Obviously everyone was impressed and excited. Now today we are having a cookout at our house, so some of Shannah's extended family will be learning the news today as well. 

 There are some good stories about people's reactions to the news, but I'm not so much of a story teller, so I'll leave that part up to Shan. I'm just here to tell the facts. And those are the facts. 

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