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Written by Eric   
Sunday, 14 December 2008 17:05

So I've been a dad for almost 1 week now. It's been tiring, but a lot of fun. We came home from the hospital on Thursday evening. Even though coming home meant that we no longer had the option of sending the babies to the nursery for part of the night to give us some rest, it is still much better to be home.

In the two nights that we've been home, I've discovered that there are hours between 1am and 4am. I thought that those hours became obsolete after  my college years. As it turns out, they are still there. I didn't miss them. 

I've only been doing some of the baby things for a few nights, but I have some questions for the manufacturers of baby clothing. Why do "onesies" go over the baby's head? What are you supposed to do when you are changing a dirty diaper, and in the middle of the changing, the baby decides that he wasn't quite done? So now have a baby with no diaper, poop running down his back and getting on his one article of clothing that I now have to take off of him by pulling it over his head! As you can imagine it's not pretty. Also, what's with the snaps? How does a piece of clothing for a person who is less than 20 inches long require 83 snaps that need to be engaged in a precise order make any sense? If you get one snap wrong then the whole system malfunctions and you get one leg longer than the other. If this stuff goes on long enough your child can only run in circles or become a world class contortionist! Once again the whole thing is like some brain teaser that you're supposed to be able to figure out at 2 in the morning. 

Even in light of the clothing difficulties, it's still a lot of fun. Especially all of the pictures that I've been taking. I really wish that it was possible to take pictures of what I actually see when I'm holding them. It seems like there is no way to capture how cute they both are in person. But I'll keep trying. I've already uploaded 88 pictures (far fewer than I've taken) and I still need  to process the pictures from yesterday and today. Maybe eventually I'll settle down and regain some ability to look at a picture objectively and only post the good ones. But right now every picture of my children is a good picture!


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