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Written by Eric   
Tuesday, 02 December 2008 18:43

It's official. I'm now totally ready for the babies to get here. Sure, Shannah is 37 weeks pregnant with twins. So in all reality they were done at least a week ago, probably sooner. But I wasn't yet ready for the awesome responsibility of being a father of twins. It's a really big deal after all. I mean come on! There are two of them!

Anyway, I wasn't ready yet, because as the family photographer, I needed to be able to take good pictures of my babies. Not just accurate pictures. Sometimes accurately capturing what a person looks like isn't really what you want. :-) Pictures that aren't blurry aren't good enough either. Shoot, after a few weeks of sleep deprivation they'll probably look blurry to me. I need to be able to take good pictures. The kind of pictures that make people ask, "Where did you get those pictures taken? They're great! My pictures that I got taken at (Insert Random Department Store Photography Studio) look like (Insert Random Expletive)!" I've taken a lot of pictures over the last few years, maybe even one or two that would be considered good. But those were all of rocks or cows or people who aren't my twins, so they didn't really matter as much. (Except maybe the Shannah pictures, but what I lack in quality I make up for in quantity with those.) Now that I'm taking pictures of the twins I need everything to be better. What can make everything better you ask? Why, better light of course! Enter the Alien Bees B800 Studio Flash unit. It's basically a big light that you stick an umbrella on and it flashes when I take a picture. Not really that exciting or worth all the build up, but its new, and mine. Here's a picture: 



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Steve   | |2008-12-08 08:08:32
Congratulations! Oops. Wrong section.
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