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Written by Shannah Hogue   
Tuesday, 08 April 2008 19:33

So this is our new frontpage, Eric tells me. I think it will work nicely, especially since I won't have to type HTML to upload anything I want to put on it. I'm not sure what to put on the site either. Eric's articles are always much more interesting than mine, even when he's just rambling. He's got an interesting voice and style. Mine are not so interesting. But that's okay, I suppose. It's always easy to tell when he's writing or when I am!

I'm so glad that Spring is really here. This afternoon, I sat on the front porch while my sister was telling me something on the phone and looked at my flowers starting to come up. The daffodils were just about ready to burst, it seemed, and the day lilies were poking their spiky green heads through the ground. Then this evening, only hours later, the daffodils were actually blooming. And I can see leaf buds on the trees and a general greening of the bushes and grass. How lovely. How exciting. After the dark, barrenness of Winter, Spring is so refreshing. The sun welcomes me back outside, and I don't want to be inside anymore. Eric said tonight, as he cleaned out his Jeep, that it's just so good to be outside, it's even worth doing unexciting jobs if they will keep you outside longer. I totally agree. Just further proof that he's always right, I guess. Wink

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